Simplistic Log4j Investigation

Introduction A cyber “drop the mic” moment consumed the time, effort, and resources for nearly all security teams this December (2021). A critical vulnerability in a java package called log4j was disclosed under the pseudonym log4shell. If you haven’t read about it, where have you been!? I am not going to go into the detailsContinue reading “Simplistic Log4j Investigation”

The Real Virus Impacting The Attackers…

In today’s day and age, we are all too common with the cyber divide between the good and the bad, the attackers and the defenders, the criminals and the investigators.   It would not be a stretch to say, that in most cases criminal or malicious operators do not care for a person’s situation, circumstance orContinue reading “The Real Virus Impacting The Attackers…”

Threat Hunting: Where to take aim…

In this post, we will expand into the types of analysis required when hunting, keeping it basic and building on the overview explained in part 1 of this series.  One of the common questions SOC teams face when building out a Threat Hunting capability into an organisation or operation is; “Where do I look?” IfContinue reading “Threat Hunting: Where to take aim…”

HACKED: Facebook…

The headlines exploded yesterday with the news that technology and social media giant Facebook have suffered a security breach impacting roughly 50 million users. The whole world is now watching… “On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 25, our engineering team discovered a security issue affecting almost 50 million accounts. We’re taking this incredibly seriously andContinue reading “HACKED: Facebook…”

Threat Hunting: Survival of the Fittest

Threat Hunting. What is it? Why do I need to do it? How do I get started? Over the next few weeks I am hoping to write a number of articles looking at the aspect of threat hunting. Essentially to give a sound overview for someone who has never heard of the term before, orContinue reading “Threat Hunting: Survival of the Fittest”