Cyber Security Professional: A Day In The Life

Before I entered the field, I was always very excited to learn what a typical day in the life was like for a Security Professional. Researching my future career path was something I did often and as part of this, I loved reading about what a day would, or could entail for me. In thisContinue reading “Cyber Security Professional: A Day In The Life”

Insider threats – Mens Rea of The Enemy Within

You already have an insider threat actor….sorry One of the biggest threats to any organisation continues to be malicious actors who work within your teams, what drives someone to turn on their own and what goes through their minds when caught? Every organisation has experienced one, if you haven’t I’m afraid to say you will.Continue reading “Insider threats – Mens Rea of The Enemy Within”

The Real Virus Impacting The Attackers…

In today’s day and age, we are all too common with the cyber divide between the good and the bad, the attackers and the defenders, the criminals and the investigators.   It would not be a stretch to say, that in most cases criminal or malicious operators do not care for a person’s situation, circumstance orContinue reading “The Real Virus Impacting The Attackers…”