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  • This is a overdue episode, but we are back with more content.  To get started have a listen of  a recording from a few weeks ago and ramp up to the next episode!  We missed you, we hope you missed us! 
  • T-Mobile Breach, Docker Containers, Make a House a SOC In this episode, we dive into the recent T-Mobile breach exposing millions of customers' data. We look at recent arrests for hacker-for-hire actors who made money hacking your iCloud to steal sensitive images and lastly new ShinyGoblin […]
  • This episode brings you some great conversation on the week's cyber news. We report on the cyberattack against Accenture, holding them for ransom. New Phishing tactics are seen using morse-code to bypass security controls and the infamous ALPHABAY is back baby. With a new look and […]
  • Hello and welcome back, it's great to have you here.  In this episode's Cyber News we cover Imperial Kitten/Tortoiseshell using fake Facebook profiles to masquerade as Aerobics instructors in order to exploit defence aerospace contractors, some positive news on the money saved via the No More […]
  • In this episode we look into cyber news including; Kaseya supply chain ransomware attacks, Chinese hackers exploiting another 0day in a Solarwinds solution, and the critical Microsoft patch dubbed "PrintNightmare". In our topic of the week, we dive into the realm of Password Attacks looking at […]
  • NOBELIUM Microsoft Compromise, Code Signing Attacks, File Hashing You’re listening to the HackableYou Podcast. In this episode we report on Microsoft’s ongoing research into the Nobelium hacking group's activities, a data beach impacting Mercedes-Benz and more Web scraped LinkedIn data up for sale. The topic of […]
  • In this episode of the HackableYou Podcast, we highlight top cyber news including JBS Foods' ransom payment, TrickBot coder's 10-year jail sentence, and the FBI purpose-built encrypted device network deliberately created to catch criminals leading to tonnes of seized drugs and arrests. In Topic of The […]
  • Welcome back to another episode of the HackableYou Podcast. In this episode you’ll learn about the EncroChat drug dealer who’s fingerprints were detected via an image he posted of a block of cheese. We discuss the Ransomware attack against audio giant Bose and an NSA agent […]

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