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  • T-Mobile Breach, Docker Containers, Make a House a SOC In this episode, we dive into the recent T-Mobile breach exposing millions of customers' data. We look at recent arrests for hacker-for-hire actors who made money hacking your iCloud to steal sensitive images and lastly new ShinyGoblin […]
  • This episode brings you some great conversation on the week's cyber news. We report on the cyberattack against Accenture, holding them for ransom. New Phishing tactics are seen using morse-code to bypass security controls and the infamous ALPHABAY is back baby. With a new look and […]
  • Hello and welcome back, it's great to have you here.  In this episode's Cyber News we cover Imperial Kitten/Tortoiseshell using fake Facebook profiles to masquerade as Aerobics instructors in order to exploit defence aerospace contractors, some positive news on the money saved via the No More […]
  • In this episode we look into cyber news including; Kaseya supply chain ransomware attacks, Chinese hackers exploiting another 0day in a Solarwinds solution, and the critical Microsoft patch dubbed "PrintNightmare". In our topic of the week, we dive into the realm of Password Attacks looking at […]
  • NOBELIUM Microsoft Compromise, Code Signing Attacks, File Hashing You’re listening to the HackableYou Podcast. In this episode we report on Microsoft’s ongoing research into the Nobelium hacking group's activities, a data beach impacting Mercedes-Benz and more Web scraped LinkedIn data up for sale. The topic of […]
  • In this episode of the HackableYou Podcast, we highlight top cyber news including JBS Foods' ransom payment, TrickBot coder's 10-year jail sentence, and the FBI purpose-built encrypted device network deliberately created to catch criminals leading to tonnes of seized drugs and arrests. In Topic of The […]
  • Welcome back to another episode of the HackableYou Podcast. In this episode you’ll learn about the EncroChat drug dealer who’s fingerprints were detected via an image he posted of a block of cheese. We discuss the Ransomware attack against audio giant Bose and an NSA agent […]
  • Washington Police Ransom, Living off the Land, Hacking Labs Welcome back to another episode of the HackableYou Podcast. In this episode we mention the Washington Police Dept Babuk Ransomware attack, Passwordstate password manager breached and stolen passwords and the Emotet stolen emails that have been uploaded […]

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