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Hello and welcome back, it's great to have you here.  In this episode's Cyber News we cover Imperial Kitten/Tortoiseshell using fake Facebook profiles to masquerade as Aerobics instructors in order to exploit defence aerospace contractors, some positive news on the money saved via the No More Ransom movement and we also discuss how an infamous ransomware gang have been hit by ransomware themselves… In the topic of the week, we delve into the world of USB attacks and go over the 4 types of USB attacks with examples and discuss USB attack defences.  Lastly in Secrets from the SOC we go over what an Old School SOC would do and compare that to how a New School SOC operates. Which one are you working in? As always we would love to hear from you, please get in touch: info@hackableyou.com == TIMESTAMPS == Cyber News: 02:24 Topic of the Week: 14:34 SFTS: 22:48

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Will brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his previous career in Law Enforcement. Recently making the jump into the Cybersecurity industry, Will specialises in Threat and Vulnerability Management and Offensive Security.

On the weekend you will most likely find Will riding around on his motorbike.

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